Teeth Extraction

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While it is good to keep as many teeth as possible, sometimes they have to be removed for various reasons. Sometimes teeth are broken or knocked out due to injury. In addition, disease, decay, and impacted teeth can lead to removal.

Many people have had teeth extractions. For example, you may have had your wisdom teeth removed. A tooth extraction is a type of dental procedure that removes the tooth from its socket. There are two main types of tooth extraction: simple and surgical. A simple extraction involves the use of a dental tool called an elevator to loosen the tooth. The tooth is then removed with forceps. Whereas, surgical tooth extraction is more complex and involves cutting into the gums to remove the tooth.

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Most teeth extractions involve surgery. To prepare, your dentist will take an X-ray of your mouth to determine the best way to remove the tooth. You will need to provide your dentist with your medical history, including a list of any medications. You may be given antibiotics before and after the extraction. Likewise, you will not be allowed to eat or drink the day of the surgery.

teeth extraction fairfax va

If you are sick, let the dentist know, as the extraction may need to be delayed. It is advised that you do not smoke on the day of the surgery, as this can delay the healing process. You will be given anesthesia during the extraction, so you will need someone to drive you home after the procedure.

After the Surgery

You may experience some discomfort afterward, which can be relieved by painkillers. Ice packs can help with facial swelling. Eat soft and colds foods for a few days following the extraction. As you feel better, you can resume your normal diet.

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