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While we may brush and floss our teeth twice a day, nothing compares to a professional dental cleaning. Teeth can accumulate tartar if not cleaned by a dental professional. Tartar refers to hardened deposits of plaque that cannot be removed by brushing and flossing alone, which is where dental hygienists come in. They use special tools and techniques to remove tartar and make your teeth look and feel sparkly clean.

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What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

The hygienist will use a tool called a scaler to remove the tartar off your teeth. He or she will then use an electric brush to scrub your teeth. Gritty toothpaste is used to give your teeth a deep cleaning. There are usually several flavors available. If you have dentures or other appliances, they will be cleaned and adjusted during the dental cleaning as well.

dental cleaning fairfax va

Once all the tartar has been removed from your teeth, the hygienist then focuses on the gaps in between your teeth, where food particles tend to accumulate. Hygienists are expert flossers who can get deep down into your teeth and help you identify trouble spots.

After your teeth have been flossed, you then rinse your mouth to remove any particles and debris from the cleaning. You may be given a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth from cavities.

After the cleaning, the dentist may examine your teeth and inform you of any potential issues. If your teeth were particularly dirty, your dentist may show you how to properly brush and floss your teeth, as many people do not clean their teeth correctly.

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Regular dental cleanings not only feel good but are great for your health. They help prevent cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and other ailments. Sapphire Dental in Fairfax, VA offers dental cleanings and other preventative services for children and adults. Teeth cleaning should be done every six months for optimal results. Stay on track with your dental care and schedule a cleaning today. Call 703-260-6622 or fill out the online form.

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