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If you’re not happy with your smile, there are solutions. While misaligned teeth benefit from braces and retainers, you may wonder what can be done about chipped or cracked teeth. Dental bonding allows you to cover up these imperfections so you can maintain a gorgeous smile.

Bonding involves the application of a tooth-colored resin to make your teeth look virtually perfect. In fact, the process is simple. It involves applying a special gel to help the resin bond to the tooth. Then, the dentist applies the resin and sets it with an ultraviolet light. The resin is then shaped and polished to its final form.

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Benefits of Dental Bonding

Bonding offers several benefits. Not only can you use it for chips and cracks, but you can also use it to close teeth gaps. Also, it can be used to cover up stains. The process requires little to no enamel removal. Likewise, no anesthesia is required, as the process is not painful.

dental bonding fairfax va

Bonding is one of the least expensive cosmetic procedures. The cost is just several hundred dollars per tooth. Your dental insurance may cover a portion of the cost, particularly if it is used to fill a cavity. Also, bonding is convenient. It takes just one visit to complete the entire procedure, so no need for multiple visits.

However, there are a couple of disadvantages. The resin used in the bonding procedure can stain over time. Bonding is also not as durable compared to crowns and veneers. Nonetheless, proper care can allow the bonding to last 4-8 years.

What Else Should You Know About Dental Bonding?

The bonding procedure is quick and easy. It will take less than an hour to bond one tooth. Also, you can bond multiple teeth at the same time. Bonded teeth do not require special care. Brush and floss as usual while avoiding staining foods and beverages. The length of time which the bonding will last depends on what you eat. Crunchy and hard foods will wear down the bonding resin quicker than softer foods.

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Dental Bonding is an inexpensive way to improve your smile. While it’s not a required procedure, it is an easy one that can help improve self-confidence. Sapphire Dental in Fairfax, VA offers a variety of cosmetic procedures to fit your needs. Whether you are considering dental bonding or another procedure, we can help your smile look its best. Call 703-260-6622 or fill out the online form today!

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