What is a Pediatric Dentist?

What is a Pediatric Dentist?

In short, a pediatric dentist specializes in the orthodontal health of children from toddler age through adolescence. Likewise, a pediatric dentist has undergone training and has the experience to assist children. Just like adults, children encounter dental related issues. If left unchecked, children’s teeth may be plagued with dental illness, from tooth decay, dental cavities, tartar, and plaque formation. A visit to the pediatric dentist offers your child a safe, friendly and more convenient avenue for their routine dental check-up and management of any dental related issues. Learn more below and contact us today. pediatric dentist fairfax va


For a pediatric dentist to qualify, they undergo rigorous and meticulous training in a medical school. Though the eligibility may vary, the requirements involve a four-year training in dental school and passing the qualification exam, and an additional two years residency training.

Role of a Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist main focus is the oral health of children and helping the children maintain the correct oral hygiene which impacts on their general health. A pediatric dentist main area of focus in children dentistry include the following;
  • Examination of infant’s oral cavity which provides for assessment and advice to the caregivers on the best measures to ensure the correct oral health of their child even as their teeth start growing
  • Caring out routine dental checks and preventive procedures to stop the occurrence of dental illness, including dietary and lifestyle advice
  • Early diagnostics, including re-alignment of teeth if they are misaligned or growing in the wrong spot
  • Management of dental cavities including repair, and advising on preventive measures
  • Help in the identification of other systemic diseases associated with orthodontal, like diabetics, calcium deficiency, and juvenile arthritis, heart-related conditions among other diseases. In addition, help in the early detection and management.
  • Identification and treatment of any dental related illness like gum disease. In addition, the doctor will advise proper oral hygiene, especially diet monitoring to prevent dental issues.
The pediatric dentist is trained and experienced at handling children. Also, they offer a friendlier approach and ensuring that your child is comfortable during each visit. Overall, the pediatric dentist aims to provide your child with the most friendly service.

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