Fairfax Dentist: 5 Reasons You May Need a Root Canal Treatment

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Fairfax Dentist | Ouch! Tooth pain can be unbearable. But, did you know that tooth pain is just one of the symptoms associated with infection? Tooth infections require a root canal treatment to save the tooth. In short, this treatment removes the infected tooth pulp and eliminates the bacteria within. A dental filling seals the tooth and a crown is attached to best protect and restore the tooth. So, how do you know if a tooth infection is the cause of your pain? Only a dentist can confirm but here are 5 reasons you many need a root canal treatment. Fairfax dentist

Tooth Pain

As mentioned above, tooth pain is a common and more obvious sign of an issue. Even if the pain is light, contact your dentist. Infection can start with a slight tooth pain but increase if left untreated.

Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitivity is likely to occur and increase. This means it may hurt to eat or drink hot or cold foods and beverages. Also, biting down may be painful. Similar to tooth pain, contact your dentist for an examination. Your tooth could be infected.

Gum Inflammation

Inflamed gums is another concern that needs to be addressed. Gum inflammation around the tooth includes swelling, redness, and pain.

Tooth Discoloration

The affected tooth could appear darker than the rest of your teeth. Greyish or brownish coloring may be evident if the pulpal tissue and blood releases into the dentin.


A small bump called an abscess can occur on the gum near the affected tooth. Similarly, this is a common sign of infection.

Prevent Tooth Infection

Fairfax Dentist | Maintaining good dental hygiene prevents tooth infection. Schedule a dental exam to uncover any underlying issue. New and current patients may call 703-260-6622 or book an appointment online. Moreover, our dental office is conveniently located at 8622 Lee Hwy, Unit D Fairfax, VA 22031.
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