Electric vs. Normal Toothbrushes
Do you need a new toothbrush? Are you thinking of buying a normal one or an electric one? If you’re torn between which kind to buy, we’ll help you out here by explaining the differences between the two toothbrushes. electric vs normal toothbrush for the best oral hygiene

Why Should I Buy a Normal Toothbrush?

One of the best things about a normal toothbrush is that it allows you to be in control when you brush. With electric toothbrushes, the toothbrush head does the brushing for you, but with a normal toothbrush you can brush in the way you like to. If you have any sensitive spots in your mouth, a normal toothbrush may be the way to go so you can brush more gently there. If you are on a budget, a normal toothbrush is by far the better choice since most cost under $10, whereas electric toothbrushes can sometimes cost over $100.

Why Should I Buy an Electric Toothbrush?

Though you can be in control with a normal toothbrush, an electric toothbrush has the power to move the head much faster than a normal toothbrush. It is theorized that more movements equals a better clean and some estimates say electric toothbrushes can make over 48,000 movements every minute, while normal toothbrushes can only go up to about 500 movements per minute. If you like toothbrushes with all the bells and whistles, electric toothbrushes are for you because there are models with pressure sensors, modes for every area of your mouth, timers, and even blue tooth.

Why Shouldn’t I Buy a Normal Toothbrush?

With a normal toothbrush, it’s really all on you how well you clean your teeth. Unlike an electric toothbrush that creates fast movements to clean your teeth, you are in charge of how well and thoroughly you brush your teeth with a normal toothbrush. There are also no tools to assist you in brushing so you have to time yourself to make sure you’re brushing for two minutes every time you brush. If you’re not good at brushing your teeth, you shouldn’t buy a normal toothbrush. Additionally, if you have difficulty holding a toothbrush because of a disability, you shouldn’t get a normal toothbrush because electric ones are more often easier to hold.

Why Shouldn’t I Buy an Electric Toothbrush?

If you don’t have much money to spend, you shouldn’t buy an electric toothbrush, which can be more than ten times more expensive than a normal toothbrush. Also, if you travel a lot you may not want to bother with an electric toothbrush which is much bulkier and requires a charger and head replacements. If you have sensitive teeth, you may also not want to buy an electric toothbrush as they can sometimes be too harsh. If you are having a hard time deciding between an electric and normal toothbrush, contact us and we’ll try to help you make the decision! Contact Us
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