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Dentists Fairfax Everyone needs to have clean and healthy smiles. These, in most cases, is all that is needed to build personal confidence. Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of getting their permanent teeth growing correctly. Malocclusion is a condition that could be the reason for your first dental visit. It is a severe condition that requires urgent medical attention. Fortunately, teeth can be straightened with dentists Fairfax. Learn more below and contact Sapphire Dental today.


It is a term that mainly means the misalignment of teeth from their regular occurrence. There are several types of malocclusion, which include underbites, crossbites, open bites, and overbite. If you have these issues, you may want to reverse the condition and get the healthy bite we need. The best way to gain this is to visit an orthodontist. The most common treatments include getting Invisalign, retainers, braces, and sometimes, depending on the condition, the doctor may recommend having the teeth removed and replaced with dental implants.  Here are some of the most common causes of misalignments and how you can fix them with dentists Fairfax. These issues need to be addressed quickly to guarantee excellent dental health. dental patient with dentists fairfax


Braces are often recommended for fixing overjet. An overjet is when the upper teeth are protruding.  Most people with this issue will have social embarrassment, and it will affect their self-esteem and leave their upper teeth prone to accidents and injuries, among other types of problems. It is because the teeth are unprotected due to their protruding nature. Many issues may cause an overjet. These include certain childhood habits like tongue sucking that may lead to underdevelopment of the adult lower jaw as compared to the upper one.

Why is Treatment Important

When you have issues with overjet, you must consult the dentists Fairfax as early as possible. Here are some of the reasons why the overjet should be corrected immediately:
  • Prevent wear and tear prematurely
  • Allow teeth to function properly
  • Allow your smile to look great and boost your self-confidence
  • Will allow your teeth to function properly
  • Allow your molars to bite together and prevent straining the teeth
Most patients have an issue with how the braces will help to fix their overbite problems. Well, while most people as skeptical, braces have been used for years by dentists, and they offer excellent support. They allow the teeth to go back in shape without any issues. You must ensure that your orthodontist takes the time to talk with you about the treatment options and how each will suit your daily life. Some lingual braces are not preferred for people who are always in public. It is because they are visible and not as discrete as other options. 

Open Bites

An open bite is either an incomplete overbite, anterior open bite, and posterior open bite. An incomplete overbite is when the upper and lower teeth are not touching when you take a bite. The posterior open bite is when there is a gap between the front and back teeth when you take a bite. Finally, the anterior open bite is when there is an overlap between the front teeth when you take a bite.  As the name suggests, an overbite will leave your mouth open even when it is closed. If the patient is young, the dentist may refrain from taking any sudden action because sometimes the open bites heal as the person grows. That is why you must visit a dentist at least twice a year so they can monitor your progress and decide the best cause of action. 

Additional Treatments

In most cases, Invisalign may be used, especially if the amount of healing needed is not as severe. Traditional braces are the most common course of action when the patient needs to have the teeth pulled back to have that balanced bite.  For more severe cases, the dentist may want to use surgical correction methods. It is only used with adults who have such problems, and their gums are robust. The issue cannot be adequately solved using braces. That is why corrective jaw surgery is the best method and will ensure the patient regains their confidence.


It is an issue that is often caused by gum disease and bone loss. It is usually fixed with dental implants and complete dentures. While detecting the issue is crucial, patients must understand the importance of filling missing teeth. It will guarantee that you have a perfect smile and do not suffer any problems in the future. 

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