Dental Emergency Fairfax VA: How to Identify a Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency Fairfax VA

A dental emergency is an acute condition involving the teeth and the supporting tissues that require urgent attention from a dentist. Not all dental problems involve pain which can cause difficulty in identifying a dental emergency. As a result, here are the most common signs of a dental emergency. dental emergency Fairfax VA
  • Extreme Pain

  Unsurprisingly, toothaches are the most common indication that something is not right with your teeth. But then there is the dull ache when you consume hot or cold beverages. So how do you know when it becomes a dental emergency? When you have extreme pain that increases in both the magnitude and the frequency that even the over the counter medicine can’t fix then it could be a significant problem that needs medical attention. You should definitely know when it goes beyond ‘sensitive teeth’ especially when the pain lingers after being provoked by temperature, chewing or touch.  
  • Swelling

  Swelling around your mouth or jaw can mean anything from gum or a tooth infection to an or inflamed lymph mode or infected zit and in rare situations; it can point to cancer. Should the swelling become severe and even accompanied by extreme pain, seeking medical help should be your first step since you are already in a dental crisis. However, sometimes when it is just a little swollen or tender, it’s okay to wait and see if it will go away on its own within a week or two.  
  • Tooth Abscess

  A tooth abscess is a severe and in other cases, a potentially life-threatening infection characterized by a pocket of pus in the tooth. A tooth abscess may result in fever, a persistent toothache, tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, swelling in the face, tender lymph nodes in your neck and a pimple-like bump on the gums near the infected tooth. This condition should definitely be treated as an emergency since the infection can spread into your jaw and the surrounding tissues and even to the rest of the body. Any time you notice a swelling with pus, use mild salt water to rinse your mouth several times to draw the pus to the surface and reduce the pain and then see a doctor.     
  • Tooth Loss

  Unless you are a child losing baby teeth, then you should treat tooth loss as a dental emergency. If your tooth feels wiggly, even if it is painless it could still mean a localized infection or a tooth injury. If red and bleeding gums accompany the loose tooth then it could be a sign of advanced gum disease which when left untreated can sometimes lead to heart diseases and even a heart attack. The good news is, you can still save a loose tooth from falling out entirely or even an already knocked out tooth as long as you act fast. In case it is loose, try as much as you can to hold it in place until you make it to the dentist. If it is knocked out completely, pick it and avoid touching it by the root and head to the dentist. In both cases, as long as you see the dentist as soon as possible then the chances of saving you from losing the tooth entirely increases.      
  • Cracked or Chipped Tooth

  This is another common dental emergency. A cracked tooth can expose nerves which can increase the pain. If the crack is not acted upon early, it can worsen leading to tooth loss.

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Although general dental hygiene and routine dental check-ups can help keep these events at bay, a dental emergency can happen. When dealing with such situations, always remember time is paramount. Feel free to contact the team at Sapphire Dental with any dental concerns. Call 703-260-6622. We always accept new patients and most insurances.  
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