What Are Dental Crowns?

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Dental crowns are amongst the most common dental procedures performed by the dentist the world over. The crowns play an essential role as a restorative dental procedure. The process aims at restoring the aesthetic look of the teeth, strengthen and stabilize otherwise weak, misplaced and crooked teeth. Although the process is standard, some patients are unaware of the procedure. The fear, misinformation, and lack of knowledge at times make some people frown about the procedure. Alternatively, the dental crown procedure is quite simple, fast, and straightforward, and is deemed to perform an essential part in the management of several dental conditions and diseases. dental crowns fairfax va

What are dental crowns?

Crowns are aesthetic, fixed prosthetic dental restorations whose sole purpose is the restoration to normal damaged or cracked tooth. The procedure aims are restoring the teeth to its original shape and size, returning it to normal function.  For those with crooked, cracked, extensively damaged or decayed teeth, the crowns are permanently fixed on the teeth, structurally strengthening and stabilizing the teeth.

What are crowns made of?

Crowns come in a variety of materials, the choice of the type determined by several factors. To pick a particular dental crown, factors include the nature and placement of the affected tooth and cost. Likewise, the most common types of crowns are porcelain and metal, ceramics, resin, and gold. The prices vary depending on the type of material, with gold crowns being the most highly-priced.

Dental crowns placement

The installation of crowns is straightforward and easy. The dentist numbs the area of interest to make the process painless. Next, the dentist uses a dental drill and an abrasive bur to clear around the affected tooth, essentially creating room for the crown placement. Then, the dentist then makes a tooth impression of the affected tooth used to make the crown. Finally, the dentist fixes the crown in place.

Why dental crowns?

Before settling on crowns, the dentist takes a detailed history, performs a thorough dental examination, and discusses with the patient the available management options. Likewise, crowns act as protection of weak teeth, strengthen cracked teeth from further disintegration, restoration of broken teeth, and offer structural support of teeth with large fillings. In addition, crowns are used with dental implants and bridges. Generally, the crowns act as an anchor point and a replacement of teeth. In addition, crowns restore the structural, strength, stability, and a natural aesthetic look of the teeth, helping in the maintenance of proper oral hygiene and health. Usually, crowns are tooth-colored for the most natural-looking results. Once cemented, the crowns act as a cover to protect the tooth. The crowns withstand the pressures and strains that come with chewing and biting food. 

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