How to Deal with Dental Anxiety
Patients of all ages come to our office feeling timid from time to time. If you have memories from childhood of long, uncomfortable procedures, we’d like to help put that to rest. We at Sapphire Dental have worked hard to create a dental office that reduces stress, eases tension, and increases comfort during each procedure. From routine cleanings to fillings and root canal therapy, we’ve done everything we can to make sure you’re relaxed when you see us. dark haired girl looking pensive with anxiety

How to Deal with Anxiety Before an Appointment

Because we know that patients experience nervousness before appointments, we’ve created a serene waiting area complete with spa-like amenities. Practice a few deep breaths while sipping a cup of herbal tea. Read a book or browse the internet with our complimentary wi-fi, all while sitting in a comfortable chair under a warm blanket. You’ll have access to warm towels and aromatherapy while you wait. Sit back, relax, and find calm in our waiting room.

How to Deal with Anxiety During an Appointment

We have secured the best technology to help make dental procedures quick, convenient, and pain-free. If you hate pain upon injections, don’t worry. We use the DentalVibe® technology, which creates a vibrating sensation to lessen discomfort. In addition, we have Isolite® comfort technology, which helps to make long procedures more comfortable for your jaw. These are just two of the technological features we employ to put you at ease. If you’re still nervous, we offer gentle sedation through nitrous oxide (laughing gas), which will help you relax without leaving lasting grogginess.

How to Help a Child Cope with Dental Anxiety

Like adults, children can experience dental anxiety, particularly around the unknown. Talk your child through what they can expect at dental appointments and we’ll do the same. We encourage questions. Nitrous oxide is also a great option for kids to help them stay calm and happy while in the dental chair. Because we provide televisions, complete with Hulu and Netflix in every treatment room, your child can relax while watching their favorite cartoon. Appointments are fun at Sapphire Dental! If you’re having dental anxiety about an upcoming appointment, please contact us, we want to help. We’ll answer any questions and address your concerns. See you soon! Contact Us
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